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Potential of Hong Kong as a Business Centre for Offshore Oil & Gas Industry Segments

Hong Kong can become an ideal location for the OSV Operators and Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration Companies, in the near to long term future, provided concerted efforts by the government and a favorable eco-system is put in place soonest. This proposition is based on four key drivers of strategic importance: In context of the [...]

Opportunities for Offshore Supply Bases in Supporting OSVs with Loss of Charters!

How to benefit from the stagnant demand for oil & gas sector, with oil price hanging below psychological benchmark of US$50/barrel? It has made some dents on offshore E & P support service providers. There are two most loyal and closest service providers as almost like partners of oil majors, field operators and E & [...]

Can Hong Kong Maintain its Attractiveness despite Slowdown in China?

Before answering this question, there are at least three aspects which need to be established. First, is the attractiveness of Hong Kong as a Centre of trade & commerce in South East Asia, really because of China or is it because of Hong Kong, trade routes to China become navigable? Second, what percentage of GDP [...]

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Economic Downturn – A Unique Opportunity for Strengthening Presence in OSV Segment

The Offshore Support Vessels sector and Offshore Supply Base sector are two core components of Offshore Oil & Gas sector, which must remain available and can’t be shutdown. The petroleum products demand fluctuations can only impact the production rate of operating fields and slowdown in new deep water E & P project investments. It is [...]

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Paris Agreement on UNFCC and Impact on Oil & Gas Industries

Environmental friendly initiative will always target on the largest and the most obvious contributor to not only energy demand but also pollution. This is the first time that any UN Convention has been endorsed by such a large number of member nations. What this implies in the medium to long term for Oil & Gas [...]

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Oil Market Downturn – Impact on Most Loyal Servants of Offshore Industry!

Looking at the facts and figures, there is no real downturn on the demand side of the oil as a source of energy. Neither there has been any drop in production rate of OPEC since Year2014 to 1Q2016. It is only the lower than expected economic growth of major economies, which has caused the Oil [...]