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KLRCA Mediation Forum: Mediation and Business – Offshore & Marine Industry Perspectives

Presented By: Jayems Dhingra, Chartered Arbitrator   ABSTRACT Before I share with you the practice of Mediation from Offshore & Marine Industry perspective, I prefer to give you a snapshot of the origin and concept of mediation. You might have listened to excellent presentations and many of you may be are practicing mediators, so the [...]

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Are The State Regulators Being Challenged Or Undermined by Finacial Technology & Borderless Digital Payment Platforms?

Jayems Dhingra[1]   ABSTRACT The traditional banking laws, central bank regulations and international Correspondent Banking Relationship (CBR) protocols, have been the key driver of global trade for more than a century. Without movement of money across jurisdictions and supporting legal framework and electronic communications, commercial trade could not have flourished to the present levels. The [...]

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