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Can the Vision of Belt & Road Initiative be sustained without Harmonization of Trade Laws and Adoption of UN Model Laws?

  The marvelous vision of geographically and economically connecting 69 jurisdictions across five continents[1] by One Belt One Road ("OBOR") is just a little short of One World Dream. In context of China's leadership and commitments by the relevant States, it may well be achievable or workable over next few decades to come, but without [...]

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TiberiasMC Supports International Anti-Corruption Day – 9 December 2017

  There are many evils in the world and man has to struggle all his life to overcome these evils. Corruption is one such evil which can be overcome by concerted efforts and united stand against it. Corruption is not only about money or bribery but has a wider vicious circle encompassing illegal and immoral [...]

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