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Who Owns Intellectual Property Rights – Employer or Employee?

Intellectual Property Rights are legal rights which are not limited to only the place / country of employment but can be registered and exercised in any of the 199 countries which are either WTO Member and bound by the TRIPS Agreement (166), and or PCT Contracting States (157). The intriguing question is whether an employer [...]

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Five Facts Seven Attractions for Financing Intellectual Property Assets!

Banks and Financial Institutions have long ago established processes and protocols for financing tangible assets, which can be held as collateral, like land, buildings, commercial properties, plant, and machinery etcetera. Intangible Assets (“IA”) and Intellectual Property Assets (“IPA”) have no physical form to give the same level of comfort to financiers as tangible assets. In [...]

Enhancing Business Valuation – through Disclosure of Intellectual Property Assets and Intellectual Property Rights

Business Valuation Reports based on historical Financial Reports and Projects for the future, supported by marketing strategies and economic data alone, often does not give confidence in the Value of an entity. One of the root causes is lack of disclosure about intangible assets comprising of Intellectual Property (IP) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), besides [...]