ADR is a term used for “Mediation / Conciliation, Neutral Evaluation, Expert Determination and Arbitration Proceedings”

Tiberias MC can assist you in managing relationships and resolving disputes, such as

  • Facilitation of Amicable Settlement of Disputes Between Contracting Parties,
  • Resolve Issues Between The Management And Staff, Crew, Unions and Sub-Contractors
  • Accident Investigation And Resolution of Hot Spots
  • Expert Advice And Independent Opinions During Legal Proceedings
  • Due Diligence Checks for Investment Decisions, Typically Under the Direction of the Firms’ Corporate Management & Attorneys.
  • Representation To The Arbitration Tribunal On Behalf of the Clients
  • Conduct Mediation Or Assist During Mediation
  • Provide The  Services Of Appointment Of Arbitrators And Mediators

The ages old wisdom in the quote: “Prevention is better than Cure” is as effective today as in the time memorial!

Manage Conflicts in Real-Time and Save Millions by Avoiding Disputes. The Consultants of Tiberias MC are continuously engaged in assisting our valued Clients, through:

  • Advisory services during negotiation stage for rig construction, ship-building, repairs & conversion, dry-docking, new business ventures, MOU, LOI, S&P (Sales & Purchase) contracts.
  • Advisory services for resolution of contractual issues, disputes including Charter Party, B/L, Insurance claim etc.
  • Accidents and Incidents Investigation and follow-up support services for mediation / arbitration / litigation as required by clients

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