Uncertainties are unavoidable in any business venture and different parties interpret such uncertainties differently. This in turn often leads to conflicts and if those conflicts are not managed well, then it could well escalate into a dispute.

Tiberias MC specializes in:

IP Audits and Intangible Assets Valuation

Inventory of Intellectual Property is a complex exercise, unlike inventory of tangible goods, raw materials, semi-finished, and finished goods. IP Audit is a continual process to identify IP Assets like:

    1. Patents, Patent Pools, and SEPs for FRAND Licensing
    2. Trademarks
    3. Industrial Designs
    4. Copyrights
    5. Related Rights
    6. Domain Names and Websites
    7. Marks of Origin
    8. Brands
    9. Trade Secrets, and
    10. Identification of IP Rights which are territorial and combine financial and legal principles to determine an economic value for each IPR.
    11. Recognizing and valuation of Internally developed IP Assets and Software Applications, su generis Databases
    • Purchase Price Allocations
    • Impairment Analysis
    • Licensing and Franchising Business Valuation


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