Dispute Resolutions and Conflicts Management

Overview of Maritime Arbitration and Management of Disputes Resolution Forums

  TiberiasMC launches an updated program of 12-Part Series on Maritime Arbitration and Disputes Resolution Forums – Reviews & Analyses Sessions. The sea and Maritime Industry segments are an extensive part of human life. In fact, maritime is the only industrial segment that does not have a single nationality but rather, a world of its own [...]

Application of Mediation Convention in Offshore & Marine Charter Party Agreements

The framework for international Mediation under Singapore Mediation Convention is now well settled. The time is now to demonstrate, how one would apply it in an Offshore & Marine Industry segments, with focus on Charter Party Agreements. In maritime, unlike in shore-based contracts, the parties are not well known to each other. The CPAs are [...]

Mediation – a Virtue or an ADR Forum in Continuous Evolution!

Evidence of Mediation in Scriptures and History Between God and Abraham (Genesis 18:23-33) Dispute: God wanted to destroy Sodom because of their wickedness but Abraham interceded Abraham asked if there were 50 righteous men in Sodom will You destroy the righteous with the wicked? God said no, if there were 50 righteous He will not [...]

Rising Costs of Conflicts and Disputes Management – Can it be Controlled?

There is generally no provision for estimating costs of litigation to be added during bidding stage for any contract, as the project cost estimates will make the bid uncompetitive or highly priced. Even then there is no formula or a scale to estimate what will be the cost, if, and only if, there is a [...]

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