Overview of Maritime Arbitration and Management of Disputes Resolution Forums

  TiberiasMC launches an updated program of 12-Part Series on Maritime Arbitration and Disputes Resolution Forums – Reviews & Analyses Sessions. The sea and Maritime Industry segments are an extensive part of human life. In fact, maritime is the only industrial segment that does not have a single nationality but rather, a world of its own [...]

Launching Intellectual Property Management and Valuation Services

There is hardly an entity whether in service sectors, (Hospitality, Healthcare, Logistics, Shipping, Professional and Educational etcetera), manufacturing, retails, and trading, without any intangible assets, after being in operations for five to ten years. The tangible assets like building, machinery, plant, and facilities help to get started in business, but it is the intangibles which [...]

Sustainability As Competitive Advantage

Submitted By: Stanley Samuel, Founder & Marcus Lim, Co-Founder, ECOSOFTT The pressure on businesses to improve social and environmental sustainability is increasing and irreversible. While some companies may have considered greater investments in social impact activities, many are concerned that their businesses will be disadvantaged if they do so. It is feared that distracting management [...]

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