Tiberias MC Services are based on domain knowledge and management expertise. Our consultants don’t need to start through generic formats to know about your industry first and then advise. On the contrary, Tiberias MC Consultants will start with the diagnosis and treatment simultaneously, to save time, arrest the issues and face the challenges, before it is too late.

We share our experiences, learn from your challenges and grow together!

Our strength is in our concrete foundation based on the direct industry specific hands-on expertise, besides continual enhancement of the academic background, from the excellent management institutions. Each member of our consulting team is with an average of 25 years of industrial experience, prior to engagement as a consultant.

We are committed to our valued customers in delivering excellent standard of service, innovative solutions and assist them in enhancing their human capital, by leading them out of the box (if it exists) and making  them * ‘A star’ among their peers.

Our Range of Services

“From Business Developments to Commercial Dispute Resolutions”: ….

  • Business Process Reengineering and Restructuring of Group of Companies
  • Diversifications and Divestments Projects
  • Feasibility Studies, Market Research and Development of new Business Entities
  • Performance and Productivity Enhancement Initiatives
  • Project Management and Contract Reviews
  • URS for ICT based ERP Systems
  • Development of SOPs and QHSSE Systems
  • Training and Professional Competency development
  • Support Services for Litigation and Alternatives (Arbitration)Dispute Resolution Forums
  • Appointments as Expert Witnesses, Arbitrators, Mediators / Conciliators

Tiberias MC is one of the very few technical expertise based, management consultancy companies in the world and is striving to set new standards of performance.

Overview of Business Segments and Our Value Propositions

The brief overview of some of the industry segments, which invite us regularly:

  • Offshore Supply Base Management: In support of offshore E & P projects and operations related to Oil & Gas fields development.
  • OSV Fleet Management: Assisting in management of chartering and operations of various types of Offshore Support Vessel (AHT, AHTS, PSV, MPSV, Barges, FSIVs and SBVs)
  • Shipyard Management: Managing challenges facing yards undertaking contracts of Ship Repairs, Shipbuilding, Ship Conversion and related works.
  • Corporate Governance and Risk Mitigation: Diversified multi-industry and geographically dispersed groups of companies need a good control of the operations without losing sight of details.
  • Corporate Performance Enhancement: Financial performance, On-time delivery of projects, Product quality & competitiveness, CSR, CRM, R & D and sustainability measures to name the few, are always in the mind of the owners and stakeholders.
  • FPS Conversion & Rig Building Projects: Tiberias MC gets involved for assisting in assisting the clients to manage, resource management, project planning and scheduling, progress monitoring and controls. It is unavoidable to eliminate issues related to supply chain management woes and containing the delays due to design flaws, changes, class approvals and field requirements.
  • EPCIC Contracts: Tiberias MC can assist in strategizing across multiple disciplines and risks mitigating measures to manage risks emerging from diversity of scopes and responsibilities as a Contractor and as an Owner.
  • Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies: The time and money spent in ensuring the ground is right for sowing the seeds of a future venture can save billions of dollars in damages from hasty decisions. Even if if the venture is declared as not viable, that also saves getting into an apparently attractive deal, but findings showing it as a poor investment.

We welcome your invitation and adding to our above list of segments for mutual growth!