Tiberias MC Consultants recognize that good and strong corporate governance is crucial for the effective and efficient management of the organization. It not only provides investors, stakeholders and clients with confidence in the company; it also helps to maintain the stability of the business by minimising the potential for major corporate failures and crises.

Tiberias MC works with clients in helping them establish an appropriate Corporate Governance Framework, based on the Principles set by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), National regulatory framework and relevant Stock Exchanges or Registrar of Companies regulations, to address the Framework priorities as follows:

  • Framework for good corporate governance among board members, gatekeepers, shareholders and other related parties; and to stay engaged in active, visible and effective enforcement of set corporate-governance laws and regulations
  • High Quality Disclosure and Transparency reflecting accountabilities and Responsibilities
  • Audit and Accounting standards implementation and monitoring system
  • Appointments and Assignments Protocols with integrity and commitments
  • A Framework of compliances often scrutinised by rating agencies, advisors, and intermediaries
  • Ensuring a direct and measurable link between Good Governance and High Performance Metrics