Traditionally, Performance Measurement Systems were ‘uni-dimensional’ – focused purely on financial measures. However, the contemporary trends are to focus on a broad range of measurable, including stakeholder’s expectations, so as to ensure that due attention is given to all facets of performance.
It is imperative for a company to have a long-term CPE Vision into which its current and short-term portfolio of finance, IT, and operational initiatives fit.

We work on determining which application or applications best suit our clients’ needs through addressing and deliberations on some of the following:


  • Revenue Growth
  • Cost Management
  • Systems Rationalization
  • Cash-flow turnaround
  • Fixed-asset Utilization
  • Visibility and Accountability


  • Connecting the CPE to the management system, and look at CPE processes to create competitive advantage
  • Connecting financial and operational models and scenarios into the planning processes
  • Providing financial, operational, and predictive analytics to the business analysts and managers
  • Integrating the IT roadmap with CPE
  • Logging the CPE processes and aligning them with the strategic roadmap


  • Leveraging Investments in Technology
  • Rationalizing Systems and Standardization where appropriate
  • Upgrading functionality which will result in business benefit
  • Leveraging on Data Assets
  • Exposing & Addressing Data Quality Issues
  • Implementing the CPE umbrella on-top of Transactional Systems and Data Warehouses