All project(s), single or multiple, in any infrastructural &/or heavy industries are major financial investments. Every party concerned, from public parties, private contractors to project investors involved in complex contracting must identify the risks & opportunities – both financial & technical – that they would be exposed to and associated with from such projects. Hence, it is imperative that Due Diligence be carried out by all respective parties and their Consultants to protect their financial exposure, maximize their Returns-on-Investments (ROI) as well as to complete the projects efficiently.

Our Commitment

Tiberias MC, with our experience & expertise, is able to commit to helping our clients carry out due diligence before structuring strategic transactions, through identifying, quantifying and mitigating both the financial & technical risks of large-scale projects; on its commercial viability and dependability.

The Due Diligence Services provided by TiberiasMC include any, or combination/all of the following:

  • Feasibility-studies
  • Independent Techno-Commercial Review & Analyses
  • On-going Project-construction Monitoring
  • Regulatory Compliance Guidance & Third-part Inspections.
  • Assessment of a project’s revenue generating capacity
  • Cash-flow Analysis
  • Review of a project’s assets & inherent liabilities
  • Assets’ Valuation
  • Identification of Business Drivers & Risks
  • Evaluation of Management’s Forecasts