Tiberias MC Consultants have assisted some large corporations in the businesses of managing and operating “Heavy Engineering, Procurements and Construction Yards”; and engaged in the Global Energy Sector through EPCIC projects related to:

  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Units e.g. Jack up Drilling Rigs, Mobile Drilling Rigs, Drill Ships etc.
  • Semi submersibles
  • Offshore Structures like Production Platforms, Living Quarters and Storage Terminals
  • Conversion and Upgrading Projects for Ships to FPS
  • Downstream Pipeline Projects for Oil and Gas
  • LNG Receiving and Loading Terminals
  • Gas Distribution Pipeline Networks and Metering Stations

Consultancy services provided by TiberiasMC related to the above industries come in specific core vortices like: –

  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Enhancement
  • Business Process Management
  • Performance Management
  • Job Design/ Job Descriptions
  • Reward System

Contact Tiberias MC to assist you in analytical review and design of

  • Improved Business Process Management
  • Optimal Management Structures for re-engineered processes
  • Revised marketing strategies
  • Revised Structures with Performance Linked Indicators
  • Strategic Business Portfolio, Customers and Markets
  • Competency linked Management & Human Resource

If you are planning to diversify into overseas locations, Tiberias MC can assist you in

  • Organizational Design (Org. Charts etc.)
  • Detailed Process Flow Charts (Activity flow and task dependencies)
  • Performance Measures, Goals and Responsibilities
  • Manpower skills requirements & training needs (Staffing Levels)