It is a known fact that the shipping/maritime industry faces ongoing periodic changing & challenging business trends from time-to-time. Therefore, we have to work very closely with our clients “Ship Owners and Ship Management Companies” in providing timely solutions. Such as:

Fleet Management System

  • Organizational Design that is able to achieve “lean, high esteem, efficient machine” structures
  • Operating budgets, resource-planning and scheduling-systems
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Worldwide distribution of Management & Control Functions, including ship repairs and refurbishment management
  • Ship operations, management and reporting system
  • Compliances, Quality, Safety, Security and Reliability systems
  • Risk Management System to improve the way risks are managed on engineered and constructed projects so as to achieve planned goals, develop staff expertise and implement monitoring and control systems.
  • Conduct extensive investigations in project planning and ongoing project execution risk assessments, trend evaluations, risk reduction strategies and systems implementation.

Preventive Maintenance of Ships

  • Development and implementation of routine maintenance programs
  • Dry-docking and annual repairs planning system
  • Classification Society compliances management
  • Stores and Inventory cost control system
  • Corrosion protection and life extension programs

Training and Development of Staff and Crew

  • Training of senior officers in management skills
  • Skills enhancement in diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Work breakdown structure and work packages planning
  • Estimation and budgeting
  • Commercial Management of Ships, Plants & Machinery
  • Project Management, Planning and Scheduling
  • Risk & Liability protections during construction, repair, design or operations.