EPCIC Project Managers and Contractors consult us for

  • Contract Reviews and Project Planning for EPC Projects for Onshore Process Plants, LNG Terminals, Refineries and Petrochemical plants
  • Contract Reviews and Risk Evaluations for Transnational and Lateral pipelines for distribution of oil and natural gas
  • Managing “CMGD” Projects (Complex, Multiple, Geographically Dispersed Projects)
  • Identification of Risks and Development of Mitigation Strategies
  • Review of Contracts and Drafting of Risk Sharing and Project Specific Clauses
  • Development of Project Planning, Scheduling and Management Systems
  • Training and Management Competency Enhancement Programs
  • Variation Orders and Claims Management
  • Execution Strategies Development

Plant & Equipment Manufacturers

Our focus is on the special segment of manufacturers, who design and produce innovative equipment’s customized applications, in Oil & Gas and Energy Sector.

Tiberias MC can contribute domain expertise and provide the user point of view, in the design phase or marketing phase of such exclusive segments like: –

  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems
  • Shipboard Equipment
  • Controls & Instrumentation Systems
  • Security and Safety Systems
  • Material Handling Plants

The challenges faced by such high tech, capital-intensive manufacturers are: –

  • Grey matter between customer expectations and equipment features
  • Classification Society Approval and Customer Confidence
  • Cost Competitiveness
  • Market Entry and expansion
  • Usability Testing
  • Demand Forecast
  • Legislation and Safety Regulations of the Country

Tiberias MC can coordinate frontline activities prior to entry and or support backend activities for successful launch of your equipment.