The Shipyards are our unique industry segments by the mere fact that the Shipyard industry is one of the few industries in which the innovations are made on land but tested in the deep blue sea!

Tiberias MC is continuously engaged in the three key sub-segments:

  • Shipbuilding and Rig-Building Yards
  • Ship Repair Yards
  • Ship Conversion Yards

The challenges faced by the Shipyards irrespective of the geographical location can be: –

  • Negative revenue growth; below industry average NAT, ROCE, (and series of other financial ratios below market averages)
  • Growth in revenue with negative growth in profitability
  • Project delays
  • Declining Customer confidence
  • Decay of corporate values
  • High costs of quality, repairs, warranty claims
  • Shortage of resources to meet the demand
  • Inconsistent peaks and crests of workload
  • Uncertain future and lack of direction
  • Staff morale

Heavy Engineering Construction and Shipyards

  • Staff training and development of competencies for succession planning
  • Development of Performance Evaluation Metrics (KPIs)
  • Market research and analysis of business development opportunities
  • Advisory Services during various stages of large projects viz. Pre-bidding, Bidding & negotiation, Contract review & award, Project execution, and Testing, commissioning, handing-over stages
  • Billing, Variation Claims, Dispute Resolutions, Settlement Agreements etcetera
  • Review of Warranties and After Sales-Service Claims

Any single or the combination of the above factors necessitates a relook at each and every business process, in the context of the corporate goals, the objectives, the culture and the technology.

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