The urge to forecast is natural in every person. There is nothing unusual in trying to predict the weather or oil price or your favourite exchange rates, currency fluctuations or even stocks!

The question is how much do you rely on your predictions and forecast?

Will you take risks or invest your money based on your own forecasts and predictions, or based on opinions and market news?

How you wished that you can get a forecast with 99.99% accuracy and 99% certainty at a confidence level of 99.5%!

But it has never been possible!

Tiberias MC Consultants have been striving for decades to develop a foresight and provide innovative tools and methodologies to the Clients to nurture foresight and critically evaluate forecasts!

Whether we like it or not, “Forecasting is what keeps the wheels of international businesses and national economies turning!”

Some of the commonly used methods of Forecasting are:

  • Statistical inferencing
  • Historical Data Analysis and Modelling
  • Indexes built on Time Series Data
  • Adding foresight in the forecasts
  • +++

We work together with our Clients as “Think-Tanks” to foresee the future!

Review some of the free publication reports of Tiberias MC for an overview!