Loss Time

Breaking News for Maritime Professionals of Hong Kong!

There is no proper time period or season for enhancing skills and career development other than, on-the-job learning and Continuous Competency Development (“CCD"). This is one of the essential ingredients for professionals from Shipping, Maritime and Oil & Gas Industries, to advance in their career paths. The Government of Hong Kong SAR is [...]

Inventive Employees Create Innovative Enterprise

Employer inspires and employees will do their best to outperform. Not every employee is hired to create inventions but every human given the right context and support has an intellect to be creative. In the digital world and knowledge economies, the value of intangibles are significantly higher than the value of tangible assets, which are [...]

Loss-Time Schedule Management in EPCIC Contracts

Time, Time and Time Again! How many time you hear this: Time is of the essence! Time is critical! Delivery Time is important! Liquidated damages for delay in delivery time will be enforced! Right for Termination and or Rescinding of a contract for delays in delivery! The above phrases and similar sounding clauses are heard, [...]

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