ADR Forums (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and International Trade and Law Resources

Nature of Disputes, Contracts ADR Procedural System Appropriate Institutional Forum
International Construction Contracts; EPC and EPCIC Contracts, Oil & Gas Industry; Offshore and Marine Segments, Charter Party; IP Rights; Internet and Domain Related disputes; Sharia’ Law Compliant Contracts;
  • International Arbitration
  • Domestic Adjudication
  • International Mediation
  • Sharia Compliant Arbitration
Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre For Arbitration, Malaysia
The Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA) was established in 1978. It is a non-profit, non-governmental and independent international body.
International Trade; SPA Agreements; Shipping Matters; Location or a Party from PRC; ·         International Arbitration
·         Mediation
Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, Hong Kong.
HKIAC is a non-profit company limited by guarantee.
Disputes between Parties from Australasia Region International Arbitration
Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration, established in 1985 as a not-for-profit public company.
Disputes between Parties in Europe, Americas and other International jurisdictions
  • International Arbitration
  •  Mediation The London Court of International Arbitration. The LCIA is a private not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee.
Disputes involving Scandinavian Parties with international jurisdictions International Arbitration Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
International Conventions on Trade and Law with the latest status or revisions and amendments For legal resources and guidelines only
 Chartered Institute of Arbitrators  For accreditation, ADR resources and membership enquiries

Maritime Conventions, Guidelines, Protocols and Trade Information

Type of Information

Institution / Organization

International Maritime Conventions and Status of Enactments by Member Nations
International Maritime Organization
International Trade Development and Statistics
International Insurance Underwriters and Global Insurance Statistics
Charter Party Agreements and Other Contracting Instruments

 Corporate Governance and Risks Management

Type of Information Institution / Organization
G20 OECD Corporate Governance Principles
Listed Company Regulations for Risk Governance and Compliances
Hong Kong Institute of Directors
Singapore Institute of Directors
UK Corporate Governance Code