There are many evils in the world and man has to struggle all his life to overcome these evils. Corruption is one such evil which can be overcome by concerted efforts and united stand against it. Corruption is not only about money or bribery but has a wider vicious circle encompassing illegal and immoral behavior by people in position of authority or power. UNCITRAL has initiated and championed this noble task of combatting corruption from trade and business world by developing practical guidelines and tools.

TiberiasMC applauds this noble cause and fully supports the following drive to remove corruption from within the legal and civic systems in the world.

“The 2017 joint international campaign focuses on corruption as one of the biggest impediments to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
With the slogan ‘United Against Corruption’, UNCITRAL-RCAP joins the 2017 joint international campaign and call on people to jointly take action by changing their attitudes towards this crime.

The United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), which entered into force in 2005, played a significant role in the further development of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Public Procurement (UNCITRAL Model Law). The UNCITRAL Model Law was specifically designed to implement the procurement-related provisions in UNCAC, and is being used as a template by numerous governments around the world for shaping national public procurement legislation.
The Model Law has also been prepared with a view to supporting the harmonization of international standards in public procurement, and takes account of the provisions of the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement, the European Union Directives (on procurement and remedies) and the procurement rules of the World Bank and other IFIs, such as the Asian Development Bank.

For more information about the Model Law please check the website:
Thank you for your support for the cause by taking a stand against such activities!